2018 Past Programs

Mar 20 Luncheon Meeting
Evaggelos Vallianatos

Dr. Evaggelos Vallianatos
Dr. Evaggelos Vallianatos, presented
"Pan-Hellenic Games of
Ancient Greece."

Mar 13 Luncheon Meeting
Liam Corley

Dr. Liam Corley
Dr. Liam Corley, Assoc. Prof of English,
Cal Poly Pomona spoke on advancing
the arts and humanities at military
and polytechnic universities.

Mar 6 Luncheon Meeting
Robert Gaines

Dr. Robert Gaines
Dr. Robert Gaines, Geology Prof.,
Pomona College presented "From the
Ooze, the Most Important Fossil
Discovery in Decades"

Feb 27 Luncheon Meeting
Vatche Sahakian

Vatche Sahakian
Vatche Sahakian, Prof. Physics,
Harvey Mudd presented
"Are Space & Time Only Illusions"

Feb 20 Luncheon Meeting
Lisa Levy Buch

Lisa Levy Buch
Lisa Levy Buch, Metro Goldline
presented "Coming Soon: The Gold Line in Claremont"

Feb 13 Luncheon Meeting
Steve Comba

Steve Comb
Steve Comba, Assoc. Dir., Pomona College
of Art presented "A Day in the Life of
a Teaching Museum "

Feb 6 Luncheon Meeting
Ivan Light

Dr. Lelia Hawkins
Dr. Lelia Hawkins, Assoc. Prof., Harvey
Mudd presented "What's in Our Air?
A Look at LA Smog and Climate Change"

Jan 30 Luncheon Meeting
Ivan Light

Ivan Light
Dr. Ivan Light, Professor Emeritus, UCLA
presented "The Remarkable Career
of Donald J. Trump”

Jan 23 Luncheon Meeting
Chris Aldworth

Chris Aldworth
Chris Aldworth, VP Planning, PV Hospital,
presented ““Trauma Center Development
and Current State”

Jan 16 Luncheon Meeting
Luis Cetina

Luis Cetina
Luis Cetina, Metropolitan Water District,
presented “California WaterFix:
Modernizing the System”

Jan 9 Luncheon Meeting
Jo Pitesky

Jo Pitesky
Dr. Jo Pitesky presented “Cassini’s
Grand Finale: Going Out
in a Blaze of Glory.”



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