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University Club programs are open to the public and are held Tuesdays in the Padua Room of the Hughes Community Center, 1700 Danbury Road, Claremont, California. A full buffet lunch, beginning at 11:30 AM, is available for $13.00. For those who wish to come only for coffee and dessert, the fee is $6.00. Membership applications are available at each meeting. Map to Hughes Community Center

October Program Chair: Roya Ardelan

October 7 – “Pharmaceutical Research: the Development of AmBisome

Speaker – Dr. Gerard Jensen, Director of Development and Technical Services, Gilead Sciences Inc.

Dr. Jensen will talk to us about pharmaceutical research and, in particular, about the development of a drug for
life-threatening fungal infections, AmBisome. Dr. Jenson earned his BS in biochemistry from UCLA and his PhD
in physical chemistry from the University of Southern California. Since 1995, Dr. Jensen has worked in the
biotechnology industry at NeXstar Pharmaceuticals and later Gilead Sciences. He is presently the director of
development and technical services at the Gilead commercial manufacturing facility in San Dimas. Dr. Jensen has
been an adjunct professor at Keck Graduate Institute and is presently an adjunct professor at the California State
University at Fullerton. He has taught graduate courses in pharmaceutical development and regulatory affairs. He
also has authored many publications and patent applications.

Introducer: Fred Gattas
Fellowship: Mel Boynton
Greeter: Doug MacKenzie

October 14 – “Water Quality and Natural Gas Production: A Tale of Two Shales


Speaker – Dr. Stephen G. Osborn, hydrogeologist and professor at Cal Poly Pomona

Dr. Osborn will talk to us about water quality and natural gas production from shale formations, also known as
shale gas. He is a hydrogeologist whose research focuses on the geochemistry of surface water and groundwater.
He also has expertise in natural gas geochemistry and water quality issues related to subsurface hydrocarbon
migration and extraction. He has conducted research in New York, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, investigating
potential impacts from intensive oil and gas production. He has extensively sampled groundwater in those areas,
leading to several highly cited peer reviewed papers. Dr. Osborn earned his BS in Environmental Science and his
MS in Soil Science from UC Riverside, an MS in geology from Georgia State University, and his PhD from the
University of Arizona. He is currently an associate professor at Cal Poly Pomona.

Introducer: Brian Bowcock
Fellowship: Larry Sonner
Greeters: Linda Callaway, Art Parker

October 21 – “Robotics”


Speaker – Dr. Zach Dodds, professor at Harvey Mudd College

Dr. Dodds researches robotic hand/eye coordination and computer vision-based robotics. He is interested in
finding the best way to tell a robot what to do and ensure it gets done, using cameras as sensors. When a robot and
a human are looking at the same thing, it isn’t obvious how to translate the human’s intentions into robotic action,
and it is time-consuming to program the robot accordingly. Dr. Dodds’ goal is to push more of the work of
generating those task-specific details onto the computer itself, increasing robotic capabilities for spatial-reasoning
such as mapping, localization and autonomous navigation. Dr. Dodds earned his BA in mathematics and his MS
and PhD degrees in computer science from Yale University. He joined Harvey Mudd College in 1999 where he
teaches computer science and robotics.

Introducer: Tom Helliwell
Fellowship: Elana Barach
Greeters: Nancy Magnusson, Milt Wilson

October 28 – “The Iranian Connection - a Novel of Geopolitics, Industrial Espionage, and Entrepreneurship”


Speaker – Dr. Bill Relf

Dr. Relf will be talking about his novel, “The Iranian Connection.” He challenges his readers with stories
interlaced with intrigue and inspiration, exploring the rich interplay of business, politics, culture, and religion on
the global stage. Researching his novels, he has traveled through the jungles of Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, and
Burma, and rode a tramp steamer through the Malacca Straits to Brunei. Using his diverse experiences, he creates
stories and characters for his reader that entertain and challenge one’s thinking, and provide just a little bit of
learning. Dr. Relf earned his BA in economics and his PhD in International Relations. As a university professor,
he has taught strategy, international management, and entrepreneurship in the California State University system,
at the Peter Drucker School of Management, and at Nan Yang Technological University of Singapore. Through
his travels, he has observed the modernization of China and Southeast Asia, analyzed the industrial capabilities of
Zimbabwe before its catastrophic decline, and he pursued the unlikely task of selling a Soviet battleship to an
Asian government when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Introducer: Roya Ardelan
Fellowship: Ray Lockhart
Greeters: Larry Wicksted, Jeanne Kennedy
Birthdays: Maria Carlson


Bulletin Committee Members: David and Anne Sonner

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