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University Club programs are open to the public and are held Tuesdays at noon in the Padua Room of the Hughes Community Center, 1700 Danbury Road, Claremont, California. A full buffet lunch, beginning at 11:45 AM, is available for $12.00. For those who wish to come only for coffee and dessert, the fee is $5.00. Membership applications are available at each meeting. Map to Hughes Community Center

October program chair: Patrick S. Larkin

October 2 – “How known is ‘well-known?' Progress in Lichenology in Great Smoky Mountains National Park”

Speaker – Erin A. Tripp, Ph.D., Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
The southern Appalachians represent a biodiversity hotspot for many groups of organisms, including lichens. Little is known about how lichens form, their life cycles, how many species there are, and where those species are found. Prior to our work in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the area was considered to be “well-known” lichenologically. Since we initiated our inventory there in 2007 and over the course of only 7 short field trips, we have added nearly 400 species to the checklist, an increase of more than 70%, rendering the Smokies the most lichenologically diverse national park in the United States. We have found numerous new state and continental records as well species and genera new to science, calling into question just how much we really know about the biology of our own backyards. Dr. Trip earned her Ph.D. at Duke.
Introduction: Al Leiga
Fellowship: Ellen Litney
Greeters: Doug MacKenzie, Beverly Carpenter

October 9 - "SEAmagazine”


Speaker – Charles Kohnen, president, SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation
Charles Kohnen is president and co-founder of SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation, a Claremont-based company dedicated since 1995 to the design and construction of manned submersibles for the scientific, commercial, and recreational markets. Mr. Kohnen will show a video about his submersibles and then present a short history of the company, an overview of its core technology, and a review of the construction and testing process required for each vessel. Mr. Kohnen co-founded SEAmagine with his brother William Kohnen after having spent many years working overseas in the offshore oil service sector for Schlumberger International. SEAmagine performs all its designs and fabrication in-house and has delivered nine vehicles so far, which have accumulated over 11,000 dives to date. Mr. Kohnen graduated with an Electrical Engineering and a Business Degree from McGill.
Introduction: Michael Faye
Fellowship: Michael Faye
Greeters: Pat Kelley, Art Parker

October 16 – "The Sustainable Sites Initiative: The Need and Promise of Landscape Sustainability"

Speaker – Steve Windhager, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
While we have become much more aware of building sustainability, we have overlooked the ability of landscapes to positively contribute to creating a more sustainable community. Designed landscapes have the potential to do more than just use less water and other precious resources; they can also provide a range of ecosystem services. Dr. Steve Windhager is the Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, on the editorial boards of Restoration Ecology and Environmental Ethics, a past board member of the Society for Ecological Restoration International, and former president and founder of the Texas Society for Ecological Restoration. Dr. Windhager has a B.A. in Philosophy from Texas A&M and a Masters and Ph.D. from the University of North Texas.
Introduction: Brian Bowcock
Fellowship: Hilary La Conte
Greeters: Nancy Magnusson, Mike Pichler

October 23 – "Unleashing Natives from Natural Landscapes"

Speaker Scott LaFleur, Director of Horticulture, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Unleashing Natives from Natural Landscapes is an autobiographical story – a story of how Scott LaFleur learned to use all that the natural world has to offer melding design, art and ecology into beautiful landscapes. Learning to look at the plants we use and the gardens we create not as islands of beauty but as important pieces in the web of life. Mr. LaFleur will share his experience in New England and give you a glimpse at how he hopes to help move Ranch Santa Ana Botanic Garden into the future through its master plan. Mr. LaFleur is a landscape designer and a graduate of the University of New Hampshire.  
Introduction: Celeste Palmer
Fellowship: Ray Lockhart
Greeters: Ed Gaylord, Brian Bowcock
Birthdays: Ellen Litney

There is No Tuesday Luncheon Meeting on October 30

Instead, on Monday October 29 at 6:00PM, at the Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater,
We will have our 88th Anniversary Celebration, Honoring our Past Presidents

Program – “Anything Goes”
This Broadway show takes place on an ocean liner with Cole Porter songs including “It’s De-Loverly”, “Friendship”, “I Get a Kick Out of You”, “All Through the Night”, “Anything Goes”, “You’re the Top”, and “Blow, Gabriel, Blow” This special evening dinner and show is for University Club of Claremont members and their guests. Tickets are $60.00 per person.
For information, contact Nancy Magnusson or Celeste Palmer.

Fellowship: Margaret Ward
Greeters: Joe Farrell, Opanyi Nasiali


Bulletin Committee Members: David Sonner, Opanyi Nasiali, and Roya Ardelan

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