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University Club programs are open to the public and are held Tuesdays in the Padua Room of the Hughes Community Center, 1700 Danbury Road, Claremont, California. Meetings start at 11:30 AM. The $15 meeting fee includes a buffet lunch. Membership applications are available at each meeting. Map to Hughes Community Center

March Program Chair: Bill Waggener

March 7  – "Deaf History and Culture"


Speaker – Rev. Jacob Bucholtz, Pastor, Claremont United Church of Christ
Discover why the Deaf community identifies itself with a capital D and find out why the lives of Aristotle and Alexander Graham Bell are forever intertwined with Deaf history. While only 13% of Deafness is genetic, Rev. Jacob Bucholtz comes from a family of genetic Deafness in which being Deaf is celebrated as an invitation into a beautiful culture and language. Jacob grew up attending various Deaf churches where his mother served as a pastor. He earned degrees from Harvard (Comparative Study of Religion) and Princeton Theological Seminary. While at Harvard, Jacob discerned a call to ministry as he was conducting Christian leadership training for Deaf individuals in Moldova and Romania. While at seminary, he founded the Deaf International Community Church, with church services conducted entirely in American Sign Language. Jacob and his wife Jennifer Strickland are the new co-pastors of the Claremont United Church of Christ.

Introduction: Bill Waggener
Fellowship: Ray Bragg
Greeter: Doug MacKenzie

March 14 – "30 Years in Newspapers, but Just Getting Started"


Speaker – David Allen, Writer
David Allen's latest book, Getting Started, collects the best of David Allen's first four years of columns from the Inland Daily Bulletin, 1997-2000. Written in style akin to Dave Barry's, topics include a salmonella scare at Pomona College, Mexican wrestling at the Pomona Fox, jury duty in Chino and, ranging farther afield, an opening for a hangman in Swaziland. He will talk about his writing and the newspaper business. David Allen has worked in newspapers as a reporter, columnist, and editor since 1987, first in the Bay Area and then in Victorville before joining the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin in 1997.

Introduction: Al McCombs
Fellowship: Milt Wilson
Greeters: Pat Kelly, Art Parker

March 21 – "Pollinators and Flower Structure"


Speaker – Dr. Carrie Kiel, Postdoctoral Fellow, Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens
The effect of pollinating animals on the characteristics of the flowers they pollinate is a major cause of variation in flower shape, color, and size. These can vary greatly among closely related species, depending on the pollinating organism: e.g., bats vs. hummingbirds vs. insects. The predominately neotropical genus Justicia of the plant family Acanthaceae (whose common names include water-willow and shrimp plant) includes about 500 species and exhibits amazing flower diversity, not only in size, floral form, and color, but also in substructures such as anthers, stigma lobes, and pollen. Dr. Kiel earned a BA from the University of Pittsburgh and a PhD from the Claremont Graduate University. Her talk about is about her doctoral research, for which she was a recipient of a grant from the University Club.

Introduction: Bill Waggener
Fellowship: Gene Smith
Greeters: Nancy Magnusson, Milt Wilson

March 28 – "The Bernard Field Station: Local and Regional Resource for Ecological Literacy"


Speaker – Dr. Wallace "Marty" Meyer, Director of the Robert J. Bernard Field Station and Assistant Professor of Biology, Pomona College
The Robert J. Bernard Field Station is dedicated to increasing the understanding and awareness of the terrestrial ecosystems of southern California through education and research. Dr. Meyer will tell us about the various ways the BFS is being used by researchers, science educators, artists and community members, and show how knowledge generated at the BFS is contributing to a better understanding of how to protect biodiversity and critical ecosystem functions throughout the region. He earned a BS in Marine Biology at UC Santa Cruz, an MS in Biology at Humboldt State University and a PhD in Zoology at the University of Hawaii. He has been Director of the BFS since 2012, and teaches Ecological and Evolutionary Biology at Pomona College.

Introduction: Bill Waggener
Fellowship: Nancy Tresser Osgood
Greeter: Larry Wicksted
Birthdays: Gail Sparks


Bulletin Committee Members: David and Anne Sonner

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