Calendar of Events - March 2010

University Club programs are open to the public and are held Tuesdays at noon in the Padua Room of the Hughes Community Center, 1700 Danbury Road, Claremont, California. A full buffet lunch, beginning at 11:45 AM is available for $12.00. For those who wish to come only for coffee and dessert, the fee is $5.00. No fee is charged for program attendance only. Membership applications are available at each meeting. Map to Hughes Community Center

Annual Dues Reminder
Our annual club membership dues are due April 1. If you are 90 years old or older, according to our Bylaws, you do not need to pay dues. However, for the rest of us, you may mail in your annual $60 dues (Post Office Box 700, Claremont, CA 91711) or give it our treasurer at one of our regular Tuesday lunch meetings. Thank you.

March 2 – “Afganistan – Developing a Nation, Part II”


Speaker – Col. Dale Litney, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Col. Litney will talk to us about developing the nation of Afghanistan, including a discussion of international aid and development. During his more than 30-year career with the US Army and Army Reserve, Col. Litney has overseen numerous programs for the education and development of military officers. He graduated from Knox College, served in Vietnam, and earned his masters and doctoral degrees from the Claremont Graduate School. Since leaving active duty, he has served as a consultant for the military, including the training of the officer corps in Nigeria, Bosnia, and Afghanistan.

Introducer: Ellen Litney
Fellowship: George Stoneback

March 9 – “Amelia Earhart”


Speaker – Patricia Korzec
Ms. Korzec is an artist, a re-enacter, and director of the March Air Reserve Museum in Moreno Valley. She will re-enact the life and career of the famous pilot Amelia Earhart.

Introducer: Shelby Forrest
Fellowship: Jim Martin

March 16 – “The Young Abraham Lincoln”


Speaker – Phil Nudson
Mr. Nudson is a lifelong student of Abraham Lincoln and he has a strong resemblance to our 16th president. He will talk about the many factors that made Lincoln great. Mr. Nudson is a marathon runner and a veteran of the 82nd Airborne.

Introducer: Hal Durian
Fellowship: Dean Kays

March 23 – “Wordy Research: Lex in the City”


Speaker – Melissa Martinez
Ms. Martinez is a columnist for the Claremont Courier. She will talk about the logistics involved in writing articles for the Claremont Courier, and will discuss sources, inspiration, and research techniques. Ms. Marinez is an ESL instructor at U.C. Riverside. She graduated from U.C. Santa Cruz and earned her masters degree from Cal State Fullerton.

Introducer: Art Sutton
Fellowship: Mel Boynton

March 30 – “Poetry of the 1920s – Langston Hughes and Robert Frost”


Speaker – Professor Richard Johnson
Two of the greatest poets of the 20th century provide a foundation for this excursion into the poetry of the 1920s. Langston Hughes, one of the leaders of the Harlem Renaissance, symbolizes the emerging black conscious and pride, demanding to be included in the American mainstream. Robert Frost, relying on the common images of the New England landscape, plumbed the depths of the human soul. Our speaker, Dr. Richard Johnson, has toured the nation as a Chautauqua scholar and interpreter of historical characters. He is an emeritus professor at Cal Poly Pomona.

Introducer: John Narajian
Fellowship: Larry Wicksted
Birthdays: Bev Carpenter

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