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University Club programs are open to the public and are held Tuesdays in the Padua Room of the Hughes Community Center, 1700 Danbury Road, Claremont, California. Meetings start at 11:30 AM. The $13 meeting fee includes a buffet lunch. Membership applications are available at each meeting. Map to Hughes Community Center

June 2015 Program Chair: Bill Waggener

June 2 –“A Life Story Through Art”


Speaker – Alice (Ali) Perreault, artist

Alice Perreault will share a slide presentation that demonstrates the scope of her portfolio. For a sneak peek, some of her work can be viewed on her website at perreaultgalleries.com. She began her formal education in the arts at Rochester Institute of Technology. She earned her BFA from California College of Art, her first MFA from the University of Utah, and is currently an MFA candidate at Claremont Graduate University, working on mixed and multi-media installations that include but are not limited to painting, drawing and sculpture. Her work can be seen in the East Gallery of CGU Nov. 2-6, with a public reception on Nov. 3.

Introduction: Bill Waggener
Fellowship: Nancy Osgood
Greeter: Doug MacKenzie

June 9 –“From Migrant Farm Work to the Claremont Colleges”


Speaker – Rosamaria Mora, teacher

Rosamaria Mora will share her educational journey, starting with a fragmented elementary school education, while working as a migrant farm worker in California, to an unexpected opportunity at the Claremont Colleges that changed the course of her life. After dropping out of school in the seventh grade to help support her family, Mrs. Mora never dreamed she would one day enter the world of higher education. She graduated from Pitzer College in 1995 with a B.A. in Spanish and Latin American Studies, continued her education at CGU, and earned her M.A. in Education in 1997. She works as an elementary school teacher with the Ontario-Montclair School District.

Introduction: Bill Waggener
Fellowship: Gene Smith
Greeters: Pat Kelly, Art Parker

June 16 – "San Gabriel Mountains National Monument”


SpeakerForest Service Speaker

On Oct. 10, 2014, amidst cheers and protests, President Obama designated 342,177 acres from the Angeles National Forest and 4,002 acres from the San Bernardino National Forest as the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. Although the Interior Department’s National Park Service manages most national monuments, such as the Statue of Liberty and Fort Sumter, this new national monument will continue to be managed by the Agriculture Department’s Forest Service, which will also continue to manage the remaining parts of the Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests. Find out what are the goals and plans for this nearby and new national monument.

Introduction: Bill Waggener
Fellowship: Georgia McManigal
Greeters: Nancy Magnusson, Milt Wilson

June 23 – "Music and the Mind”


Speaker – Matthew Keating, Executive Director, Claremont Community School of Music

When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. But when you actually play an instrument, that activity becomes more like a full-body brain workout. What’s going on? We will take a look at what happens to musicians’ brains when they play and examine some of the long-term positive effects of this mental workout. Matt Keating, Executive Director of the Claremont Community School of Music (CCSM) performs professionally as a cellist, maintains a private studio and directs ensembles throughout Southern California, including the youth orchestra at CCSM.  He has performed with the Honolulu Symphony and is an adjunct professor at Hawaii Pacific University.

Introduction: Bill Waggener
Fellowship: Art Parker
Greeters: Larry Wicksted, Jeanne Kennedy

June 30 – "HIV in Today's World”


Speaker – Dr. Karl Haushaulter, Harvey Mudd College

In 2013, according to UNAIDS, 35 million people were living with HIV, more than any time in history.  Encouragingly, the rate of new HIV infections has fallen by 38% since 2001 and by 58% for children during the same time period. Likewise, the deaths from HIV-related causes have decreased by 35% since the global peak in 2005. This talk will describe the scientific discoveries and political efforts that have made this progress possible, as well as explore new advances that have the potential to move us closer to the end of the epidemic. Dr. Karl Haushalter earned a B.A. in chemistry from Rice University and a Ph.D. in chemical biology from Harvard University. He is currently an associate professor of chemistry and biology and the associate dean of research and experiential learning at Harvey Mudd College, where he has been on the faculty since 2003. The focus of his research and teaching is the biochemistry of HIV.

Introduction: Tom Helliwell
Fellowship: Jim Martin
Greeter: Anne Sonner
Birthdays: Lucy Lynch


Bulletin Committee Members: David and Anne Sonner

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