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University Club programs are open to the public and are held Tuesdays in the Padua Room of the Hughes Community Center, 1700 Danbury Road, Claremont, California. Meetings start at 11:30 AM. The $13 meeting fee includes a buffet lunch. Membership applications are available at each meeting. Map to Hughes Community Center

April 2015 Program Chair: Mel Boynton

April 7 – “State of the City of Claremont”


Speakers – Corey Calaycay, Mayor of Claremont, and Bevin Handel, Public Information Officer

Mayor Calaycay will give us an overview of projects and priorities that the City will be focusing on in 2015, including updating us on development projects, the water system acquisition progress, the status of the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park master plan, the foothill faster plan, and public safety projects.  Mayor Calaycay is serving his third term on the Claremont city council and his second one-year term as mayor.

Introduction: Martha Scott
Fellowship: Marie Ross
Greeter: Doug MacKenzie

April 14 –“The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, 2016 to 2030”


Speaker – Mel Boynton, University Club member

Mel will talk to us about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which follow the UN’s earlier Millennium Development Goads (MDGs). In an earlier talk to our club, Mel has spoken about the UN’s MDGs 2000 to 2015 – addressing poverty, human rights, climate, health and development in the world.  As these MDG goals have reached their targeted end date, the UN is establishing SDGs in the fall of 2015 with measurements through 2030. The SDGs for economic, environmental and social solutions expand the scope of targets for developing as well as advanced countries.  Mel is President of the Pomona Valley Chapter of the United Nations Association of the USA.

Introduction: Michael Fay
Fellowship: Chuck Cable
Greeters: Pat Kelly, Art Parker

April 21 – “The Wonders of Our Supply Chain and the Impact of Rising Fuel Costs”


Speaker – Joe Marino, consultant to high technology, pharmaceuticals, and consumer product companies

Our standard of living in the United States is made possible by the efficient movement of goods and materials from around the world. Mr. Marino will explain how our current supply chain works, including container ships, shipping containers, the port of LA, and warehouse storage space in the inland empire.  The current gold standard in supply chains is Amazon. Mr. Marino will discuss how the price of energy impacts our supply chain, with examples between $6/gal to $18/gal, which could bring the death of the SUV, an urban revolution, a suburban decay, and a manufacturing and railroad renaissance.  Mr. Marino earned his engineering degree from UC Berkeley and has led successful large-scale process improvement and systems implementation in the supply chain area.

Introduction: Donna Bernard
Fellowship: Jeanne Kennedy
Greeters: Nancy Magnusson, Milt Wilson

April 28 – "The Prospects for Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict via the Two-State Solution”


Speaker – Andy Winnick, Professor of Economics, Cal State Los Angeles

Representatives of both sides have largely decided the terms of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but political paralysis has prevented implementation. Dr. Winnick will discuss what and how feasible these terms are, and the chances for emergence of these two states. For 40 years, Dr. Winnick has been studying, writing and lecturing about this conflict and how it might be resolved. He has spent much time in Israel and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT - the official U.N. designated name for the West Bank and Gaza), including three years at Bethlehem University, the oldest university on the West Bank. The conflict has led to the deaths of thousands of Palestinians and hundreds of Israelis, the systematic oppression of Palestinians in the OPT, and is often cited as a major cause of anger and hostility toward Israel and the U.S., which is seen as the major supporter of the Israeli government. Dr. Winnick earned a BA in mathematics and economics from
 UC Berkeley and an MA and PhD 
in economics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Introduction: Art Parker
Fellowship: Rich Phillips
Greeters: Larry Wicksted, Jeanne Kennedy
Birthdays: Yolanda Lehar

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