2017 Past Programs

Dec 12, Luncheon Meeting
Hal Durian

Hal Durian
Hal Durian, author and teacher, spoke
about his newest book,
"True Stories of Claremont."

Dec 5, Luncheon Meeting
The Claremont High School Singers

The award-winning Claremont High School Singers performed seasonal songs from around the world for the University Club of Claremont. Their director, Dr. Joel Wilson, is a graduate of Claremont High School and has his PhD in music from Cal Poly, Pomona. This program marks our regular Christmas celebration at the University Club before the holiday weeks begin. The University Club regularly supports the Claremont High School Music program.

Dec 5, Luncheon Meeting
Joel Wilson

Dr. Joel Wilson
Dr. Joel Wilson directs the
Claremont High School Singers with
Holiday Music from around the world

Nov 28, Luncheon Meeting
Teresa Campbell

Terese Campbell
Teresa Campbell, Public Affairs
Specialist, SSA, reported on the
"Latest Info on Social Security"

Nov 14, Luncheon Meeting
Tom Voltz

Tom Voltz
Tom Voltz, docent, spoke
on "The Gamble House," the
famous landmark in Pasadena.

Nov 7, Luncheon Meeting
Zoe TeBeau

Zoe TeBeau
Zoe TeBeau, certified appraiser,
presented "Antique Roadshow"

Oct 31, Luncheon Meeting
Anne Sonner

Anne Sonner
Anne Sonner presented "Witchcraft
Trials in Colonial Connecticut"

Oct 24, Luncheon Meeting
Maria Klawe

Maria Klawe
Harvey Mudd President Dr. Maria
Klawe presented “Broadening
Participation in Computing”

Oct 17, Luncheon Meeting
Katherine Stewart Howe

Katherine Stewart Howe
Dr. Katherine Stewart Howe, director of
Pomona College Museum of Art spoke
on “The Art Museum: Today and
in the Future”

Oct 10, Luncheon Meeting
Jack Kugler

Jack Kugler
Dr. Jack Kugler, Prof at CGU spoke
on "Power Transition – The Long View"

Oct 3, Luncheon Meeting
Melissa Rogers

Melissa Rogers
Dr. Melissa Rogers, Asst. Prof at CGU
spoke on "Comparative Politics
and the 2016 Election"

Sept 26, Luncheon Meeting
Bill Forti

Bill Forti
Bill Forti, past president of UCC,
presented "A Confluence
of Instability."

Sept 19, Luncheon Meeting
Jil Stark

Jil Stark
FAIRPLEX Board Member Jil Stark
presented "Update on largest
county fair in the U.S."

Sept 12, Luncheon Meeting
Barbara Rugeley

Barbara Rugeley
Barbara Rugeley presented “A Journey
to Central Asia” featuring Uzbekistan
& 4 other countries of the former USSR

July 25, Luncheon Meeting
Scott Horsley

Scott Horsley
Scott Horsley, SHA, inc. presented
“Practical Landscaping
in the Inland Valley”

July 18, Luncheon Meeting
Phil Zuckerman

Phil Zuckerman
Dr. Phil Zuckerman, professor of
Sociology & Secular Studies, Pitzer
College presented “Secularism
in the United States"

July 11, Luncheon Meeting
Jerry Arnold

Jerry Arnold
Jerry Arnold, retired sergeant of
Glendora's Police Dept. presented
“Police Interrogation as an Art Form"

June 27, Luncheon Meeting
Devon Hartman

Devon Hartman
Devon Hartman, Executive Director of
CHERP, Inc., presented “Driving Energy
Efficiency and Sustainable Economics" 

June 20, Luncheon Meeting
Ardishir Rashidi-Kalhur

Ardishir Rashidi-Kalhur
Ardishir Rashidi-Kalhur, past President of
of UCC, presented “Understanding the Middle
East Conflict: Progress and Challenges" 

June 13, Luncheon Meeting
Peggy Constantine

Peggy Constantine
Peggy Constantine presented her
book, “The Reluctant Volunteer:
Peace Corps Work in Brazil"

June 6, Luncheon Meeting
Anne & David Sonner

Anne and David Sonner
Anne & David Sonner,
long time members, spoke on
"Hong Kong and Bangkok
– Two Amazing Asian Cities"

May 30, Luncheon Meeting
Iris Cummings Critchell

Iris Cummings Critchell
Iris Cummings Critchell, pilot &
instructor spoke about the "The 1936
Olympics in Berlin"

May 23, Luncheon Meeting
Denise & Bob Zondervan

Denise & Bob Zondervan
Denise and Bob Zondervan, world
travelers, spoke on "A Photographic
Visit to Cuba"

May 9, Luncheon Meeting
Stephani Sutherland

Dr. Stephani Sutherland
Dr. Stephani Sutherland, neuroscientist
and science journalist, spoke on
"Chronic Pain: An American Epidemic"

May 2, Luncheon Meeting
John Tulac

John Tulac
John Tulac, attorney specializing in inter-
national law, spoke on "Where in the
World are You? Globalization in 2017"

April 25 Luncheon Meeting
Jim Elsasser & Myrlene Pierre

Jim Elsasser and Myrlene Pierre
Dr. Jim Elsasser, Superintendent & Myrlene
Pierre, Asst. Superintendent, Educational
Services, spoke on "Educating Claremont
Students in the 21st Century

April 18 Luncheon Meeting
Shelly VanderVeen

Shelly VanderVeen
Shelly VanderVeen, Chief of Claremont
Police Dept., presented "How Technology
Has Changed Policing and the
Introduction of Body-Worn Cameras"

April 11 Luncheon Meeting
Mel Boynton

Mel Boynton
Mel Boynton, Member of the National
Council of the United Nations Assoc. of
the USA spoke on "The United
Nations in the time of Trump"

April 4 Luncheon Meeting
Denise Spooner

Dr. Denise Spooner
Dr. Denise Spooner, spoke on "The Rise
and Spread of Backyard Fencing in
SoCal: Creating the Landscape of
Our Changing Sense of Community"

Mar 28 Luncheon Meeting
Wallace Meyer

Dr. Wallace "Marty" Meyer
Dr. Wallace "Marty" Meyer, Director of
The Bernard Field Station, spoke on the
Station's role in "Local and
Regional Ecological Literacy."

Mar 21 Luncheon Meeting
Carrie Kiel

Dr. Carrie Kiel
Dr. Carrie Kiel, Rancho Santa Ana
Botanical Gardens, spoke on "Unraveling
Relationships in the Species"

Mar 14 Luncheon Meeting
David Allen

David Allen
David Allen, writer, is presented his
birthday cake by Anne Sonner (baker) and Al
McCombs (Chino Champion publisher)
Article: Fake News in Cake

Mar 7 Luncheon Meeting
Jacob Buchholz

Jacob Bucholz
Rev. Jacob Buchholz, Claremont
United Church of Christ, spoke on
"Deaf History and Culture"

Feb 28 Luncheon Meeting
Pierre Englebert

Dr. Englebert
Dr. Englebert, professor, Pomona
College, presented "Africa: Is
it the End of the Miracle?"

Feb 21 Luncheon Meeting
Devorah Leiberman

Dr. Leiberman
Dr. Leiberman, president of
University of LaVerne presented
"The 125th Anniversary of ULV"

Feb 14 Luncheon Meeting
Coril Prochnow

Coril Prochnow
Coril Prochnow, singer entertained
with "Love Songs and the Great
American Songbook"

Feb 7 Luncheon Meeting
Ivan Light

Prof. Ivan Light
Prof. Ivan Light shared his book,
"Deadly Secret of the Lusitania"

Jan 31 Luncheon Meeting
David Shearer

David Shearer
David Shearer, Executive Dir.
speaks on the "40th Anniversary
of Claremont Heritage"

Jan 24 Luncheon Meeting
Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson of Metrolink speaks
on "Metrolink Rail System"

Jan 17 Luncheon Meeting
Lako Tongun

Lako Tongun
Pitzer Professor Lako Tongun
speaks on "Crisis in South Sudan"

Jan 10 Luncheon Meeting
Linda Reinen

Linda Reinen
Pomona Prof. Linda Reinen speaks on "Earthquakes in Southern California"

Jan 3 Luncheon Meeting
Gene Smith

Gene Smith
Gene Smith presented "Northern India."



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