2016 Past Programs

December 6  – Luncheon Meeting

"Seasonal Songs from Around the World" - Claremont High School
Director Dr. Joel Wilson

Claremont High School Choir

The award-winning choir sang holiday songs from around the world. View video of "Gloria" below.

Nov 29 Luncheon Meeting
Iris Cummings Critchell

Iris Cummings Critchell
Iris Cummings Critchell presented
"Flying Planes Across the Country
During WWII"

Nov 15 Luncheon Meeting
Jason Gallicchio

Jason Gallicchio
Jason Gallicchio presented
"Recent Astronomical Observations
from the South Pole"

Nov 8 Luncheon Meeting
David Sonner

David Sonner
David Sonner presented
"The Electoral College"

Nov 1 Luncheon Meeting
Simon Daryl Wood

Simon Daryl Wood
Simon Daryl Wood, author, artist, and
educator presented "Deconstructing
Jack the Ripper"

Oct 25 Luncheon Meeting
Drs. Sam Mourani & Elias Tarakji

Drs. Mourani & Tarakji
Drs. Sam Mourani and Elias
Tarakji, medical doctors
presented "The Syrian Conflict"

Oct 18 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Bruce Coats

Dr. Bruce Coats
Dr. Bruce Coats, Art History Chair
of Scripps College presented
"Traditional Japanese Theater"

Oct 11 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Heather Campbell

Dr. Heather Campbell
Dr. Heather Campbell of Claremont
Graduate University discussed
"Environmental Issues for the
2016 Election Year"

Sept 27 Luncheon Meeting
Parker Emerson

Parker Emerson
Parker G. Emerson discussed
"Ships Inertial Navigation
System (SINS)"

Sept 20 Luncheon Meeting
Kelly Fredericks

Kellh Fredericks
Kelly Fredericks, CEO Ontario
Airport, presented "Update
on Ontario International Airport"

Sept 13 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Laura Burgis

Laura Burgis
Dr. Laura Burgis presents"Higher
Education in the 21st Century:
Why Online Learning Will Go Away"

Sept 6 Luncheon Meeting
James Makawa

James Makawa
Speaker James Makawa, Co-Founder
& Ceo of ROAR! Africa on Demand
presented "ROAR! 'The Other Africa'
on Demand"

July 26 Luncheon Meeting
Gonzalez-Salgado / Roush

Roush and Gonzalez-Salgado
Speakers Tammy Roush, LACO Fair
Assoc. & Enrique Gonzalez-Salgado,
Director of Development, The Fairplex.

July 19 Luncheon Meeting
Augis Bezmalinovich

Augie Bezmalinovich
Augie Bezmalinovich spoke
about the Port of Los
Angeles waterfront update.

July 12 Luncheon Meeting
Father Joe Fenton

Joe Fenton
Father Joe Fenton presents
"Pope Francis Re-Evaluates
Catholic Teachings"

July 5 Luncheon Meeting
Mike Lepore

Mike Lepore
Mike Lepore presents
"Strength and Conditioning
for Seniors"

June 28 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Jim Boerkoel

Dr. Jim Boerkoel
Dr. Jim Boerkoel presents "Better
Together – the Advantages of
Human-Robot Teamwork"

June 21 Luncheon Meeting
Jeremy Cawn

Jeremy Cawn
Arborist Jeremy Cawn spoke about
Claremont trees in the drought
Tree identification
Pest and disease info
Tree care
How to find an arborist

June 14 Luncheon Meeting
Alex Laszlo

Alex Laszlo
Alex Laszlo spoke about
her experience in the
Peace Corps in Micronesia.

June 7 Luncheon Meeting
Ana Ahn

Ana Ahn
Ana Ahn, Harvey Mudd Professor
presents "Science vs. Pseudoscience: 
 Avoiding the B.S. (Bad Science)"

May 31 Luncheon Meeting
Maria Redinger

Maria Redinger
Maria Redinger presents "My
Pilgrimage on the Camino
de Santiago"

May 24 Luncheon Meeting
Winthrop Aldrich

Winthrop Aldrich
Dr. Winthrop Alrich presents
"Glaucoma - The Disease, History
of its Detection and Treatment"

May 17 Luncheon Meeting
Mary Todd & Christina Villegas

Mary Todd & Christina Villegas
Mary Todd & Christina
Villegas present "Hard Drive
- a Family's Fight Against
Three Countries"

May 10 Luncheon Meeting
Hal and Charlotte Van Ryswyk

Hal & Charlotte Van Ryswyk
Professor Hal and Charlotte
Van Ryswyk “Shining Light on
the Future of Renewable Energy"

May 3 Luncheon Meeting
Bill Forti

Bill Forti
Bill Forti presents "Russia
and Central Asia Today"

April 26 Luncheon Meeting
Donald Gould

Donald Gould
Donald Gould presents "The
Topsy-Turvy World of
Negative Interest Rates"

April 19 Luncheon Meeting
Nita Kumar

Nita Kumar
Nita Kumar, Professor, Claremont
McKenna College presents "Democracy
and Education in India"

April 12 Luncheon Meeting
Sam Pedroza & Bevin Handel

Pedroza & Handel
Mayor Sam Pedroza and Public
Information Officer Bevin Handel
present "City of Claremont"

April 5 Luncheon Meeting
Tom Helliwell

Tom Helliwell
Tom Helliwell presents "Einstein
rides again! The first direct observation
of gravitational waves."

March 29 Luncheon Meeting
Gwen Rodman

Gwen Rodman
Gwen Rodman, Iditarod race
volunteer, presents "Iditarod 2016"

March 29 Luncheon Meeting
Ceremonial Passing of the Mic

Sonner and Bragg
Outgoing University Club President
Ray Bragg passes the microphone
to Club Secretary Anne Sonner
during his final meeting as president.

March 22 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. George Roleder

Dr. George Roleder
Dr. George Roleder presented,
"A Family's Experience in
Stalinist Ukraine"

March 15 Luncheon Meeting
Peter Weinberger

Peter Weinberger
Peter Weinberger speaks on
Aerial Drones in Journalism

March 8 Luncheon Meeting
Donald Prothero

Donald Prothero
Donald Prothero, PhD, presented
"Reality Check: How Science-Deniers
Threaten Our Future"

March 1 Luncheon Meeting
Parker Emerson

Parker Emerson
Parker Emerson spoke on
"The Shelter Box Project"

Feb 23 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Serena Beeks

Dr. Serena Beeks
Dr. Serna Beeks spoke on
"Haiti After the Storms"

Feb 9 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Adnan Aswad

Dr. Adnan Aswad
Dr. Adnan Aswad spoke on
"Syria and the Current Refugee Crisis"

Feb 2 Luncheon Meeting
Bill Waggener

Bill Waggener
Former Club President Bill Waggener
presented "The Evolution of Evolution"

Jan 26 Luncheon Meeting
Michelle Pierce

Michelle Pierce
Michelle Pierce, electric and utility
engineer presented
"Electric Vehicles - A Primer"

Jan 19 Luncheon Meeting
Ginger Elliot

Ginger Elliot
Board Chair Ginger Elliot
presented "Pilgrim Place
- the First Hundred Years"

Jan 5 Luncheon Meeting
David Klitgaard

David Klitgaard
Dr. Klitgaard, professor, Claremont
Graduate University presented
"Good News from Some
Developing Countries."

Jan 5 Luncheon Meeting
Dave Doody

Dave Doody
JPL Senior Engineer Dave Doody speaks
of NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn.


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