2015 Past Programs

December 15 Luncheon Meeting
Mike Smith

Mike Smith
Mike Smith presented
"Chino Airport Planes of Fame Air Museum"

December 8 Luncheon Meeting
Claremont High Chorale – under the direction of Dr. Joel Wilson

Claremont High Chorale

December 1 Luncheon Meeting
Sharon Duncan

Sharon Duncan
Sharon Duncan presented "Addressing
the Elephant in the Room: What is
Giftedness and Why it is
Important to Understand"

November 17 Luncheon Meeting
Hector Tamayo

Hector Tamayo
Detective Hector Tamayo,
Claremont Police,
presented “Fraud and
Theft in Claremont”

November 10 Luncheon Meeting
Mary Thoits

Mary Thoits
Mary Thoits, WASP presented
"Women Air Force Service
Pilots in WW II"

November 3 Luncheon Meeting
Zoe TeBeau

Zoe TeBeau
Zoe TeBeau, Certified Appraiser,
presented "Antiques Road Show"

October 27 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Yen Ingrid Lai

Dr. Yen Ingrid Lai
Dr. Yen Ingrid Lai discussed
An Integrative Medicine

October 20 Luncheon Meeting
Walter Ebrahimzadeh

Walter Ebrahimzadeh
Walter Ebrahimzadeh, owner of art
galleries in Claremont , presented
"Collecting Fine Arts"

October 13 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Dominique Griffon

Dr. Dominique Griffon
Dr. Dominique Griffon, Associate Dean,
Western University of Health Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine presented
"From the Lab to the Labs"

October 6 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Gerard Jensen

Dr. Gerard Jensen
Dr. Gerard Jensen presented
"Gilead and a Cure for Hepatitis C"

Sept 29 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Catherine Caporale

Dr. Catherine Caporale
Dr. Catherine Caporale presented
"Saving a Hidden Gem - the
Claremont Girl Scouts' Cabin"

Sept 22 Luncheon Meeting
D.A. Jackie Lacey

Jackie Lacey
Jackie Lacey presents the case
for mental health in the justice system.

Sept 8 Luncheon Meeting
Jeffrey Vail

Jeffrey Vail
Jeffrey Vail of the U.S. Forest
Service describes the "San Gabriel
Mountains National Monument”

Sept 1 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Evaggelos Vallianatos

Dr. Evaggelos Vallianatos
Dr. Evaggelos Vallianatos speaks to U club
about his experience at the EPA 1979-2004. "Poison Spring" his 2014 book,
describes this experience.

July 21 Luncheon Meeting
Lily Quiroa

Dr. Peter Boniface
 Lily Quiroa, So.Calif. Manager of
Community Relations, Waste
Management, presented “What You
Need to Know About Waste Management”

July 7 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Peter Boniface

Dr. Peter Boniface
 Dr. Peter Boniface, Cal Poly
Pomona professor of Civil
Engineering presented "Making Maps"

June 30 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Karl Haushaulter

Dr. Harvey Haushaulter
Dr. Karl Haushaulter, Harvey Mudd
College presented "HIV in
Today's World"

June 23 Luncheon Meeting
Keating & Del Rio

Matthew Keating & Randy Del Rio
Matthew Keating & Randy Del Rio
of Claremont Community School of
Music presented "Your Brain on Music"

June 16 Luncheon Meeting
Don Rosen

Don Rosen
Don Rosen, Author, presented
"Reckoning in Normandy -
The Last Gathering Of
The Greatest Generation”

June 9 Luncheon Meeting
Rosamaria Mora

Rosamaria Mora
Rosamaria Mora presented her
educational journey "From Migrant
Farm Work to the Claremont Colleges"

June 2 Luncheon Meeting
Alice Perreault

Alice Perreault
Alice (Ali) Perreault spoke
of "A Life Story Through Art"

May 26 Luncheon Meeting
Prof. Tom Helliwell

Tom Helliwell
Member & Retired Harvey Mudd
Professor Tom Helliwell explained
Einstein's General Theory of Relativity "

May 19 Luncheon Meeting
Gene Smith

Gene Smith
Member Gene Smith presents
"A Short History and Tour of Ireland"

May 12 Luncheon Meeting
Prof. Harmony O'Rourke

Prof Harmony O'Rourke
Pitzer History Professor Harmony
O'Rourke presented "State,
Society, and Health in West Africa"

May 5 Luncheon Meeting
Michael Fay & Adnan Aswad

M. Fay & A. Aswad
Michael Fay & Adnan Aswad
presented "The Middle East Muddle"

April 28 Luncheon Meeting
Prof. Andy Winnick

Andy Winnick
Prof. Andy Winnick presented
"Prospects for Peace in the
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"

April 21 Luncheon Meeting
Joe Marino

Joe Marino
Joe Marino presented
"Our Amazing Supply Chain"

April 14 Luncheon Meeting
Mel Boynton

Mel Boynton
Mel Boynton presented
"The UN Sustainable Development
Goals, 2016 to 2030"

April 7 Luncheon Meeting
Corey Calaycay & Bevin Handel

Claremont Mayor and Public Information Officer
Claremont Mayor Corey Calaycay
and Public Information Officer Bevin
Handel present "State of the City"

March 31 Luncheon Meeting
New President Takes Office

New President takes office
Outgoing Club President Bill
Waggener is joined by
John Reid and new
President Ray Bragg.

March 31 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Donna Bernard

Christina Garcia
Citrus College Foundation Director
Christina Garcia presents
"Celebrating 100 Years
at Citrus College"

March 24 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Donna Bernard

Dr. Donna Bernard
Dr. Donna Bernard presented
"Developing Cognitive Capacity
and Changing Lives Through

March 17 Luncheon Meeting
Jeff Staggs

Jeff Staggs
Jeff Staggs presented
"History of Kaiser Steel"

March 10 Luncheon Meeting
Andrew Farke

Andrew Farke
Andrew Farke, Curator of Paleontology
at the Alf Museum, speaking on "The
Oldest 'Horned' Dinosaur from
North America"

March 3 Luncheon Meeting
MacKenzie, Sonner & Bragg

Mackenzie, Sonner, Bragg
Doug MacKenzie, Anne Sonner and
Ray Bragg presented "Genealogy:
True Stories About our Ancestors"

Feb 24 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Alma Zook

Dr. Dickson Kazuo Yagi
Dr. Alma Zook presented
"Can Science and Religion play
nicely in the same sandbox?"

Feb 17 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Dickson Kazuo Yagi

Dr. Dickson Kazuo Yagi
Dr. Dickson Kazuo Yagi
presented "Living the
Buddhist Path"

Feb 10 Luncheon Meeting
Chris Watson

Chris Watson
Chris Watson, Engineer and
Business Owner, presented "Wave the
Flag - An Engineering Design Process"

Jan 27 Luncheon Meeting
Sylvia Beltran

Sylvia Beltran
Sylvia Beltran presented
"The Foothill Gold Line,
Present and Future"

Jan 20 Luncheon Meeting
David Wall

David Wall
David Wall, Certified Fraud Examiner,
presented "A Ponzi Scheme
Investigation in the Inland Empire"

Jan 13 Luncheon Meeting
Bill Forti

Bill Forti
"An Update on World Affairs
and Defense Issues" presented
by Bill Forti

Jan 6 Luncheon Meeting
Drs Charles Goodacre and
W Patrick Naylor

Drs Charles Goodacre & W Patrick Naylor
"A Crack in the Hermit Kingdom:
Loma Linda U Dental School & North Korea"
Drs Charles Goodacre & W Patrick Naylor


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