2014 Past Programs

Dec 9 Luncheon Meeting
Claremont High Choir directed by Dr. Joel Wilson


90th Anniversary Celebration Photos

National Champions Claremont High Choir performs Holiday Concert directed by Dr. Joel Wilson

Dec 2 Luncheon Meeting
Don McDonald

John Reid
Don McDonald spoke
on "Medicare and Obamacare"

Nov 25 Luncheon Meeting
John Reid

John Reid
John Reid spoke
on "Alcoholism: a Family Disease"

Nov 18 Luncheon Meeting
Nangy Ghafarshad

Nangy Ghafarshad
Nangy Ghafarshad presented
"An Update on Afghanistan"

Nov 4 Luncheon Meeting
Karl Hilgert

Karl Hilgert
Karl Hilgert spoke
on "Claremont Homeless
Advocacy Program (CHAP)"

Oct 28 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Bill Relf

Dr.Zach Doddsa
Dr. Relf spoke on his new novel
“The Iranian Connection - a Novel
of Geopolitics, Industrial Espionage,
and Entrepreneurship”

Oct 21 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Kach Dodds

Dr.Zach Doddsa
Dr. Zach Dodds, professor
at Harvey Mudd, spoke
on "Robotics"

Oct 14 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Stephen G. Osborn

Dr. Stephen G. Osborn
Dr. Stephen G. Osborn, hydrogeologist
and professor at Cal Poly Pomona
presented “Water Quality and
Fracking: A Tale of Two Shales"

Oct 7 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Gerald Jensen

Dr. Gerald Jensen
Gerald Jensen PhD of Gilead Scieces
describes the development of AmBisome
- successful drug for HIV patients.

Sept 30 Luncheon Meeting
Mary Paster

Mary Paster
Mary Paster, Pomona College
Professor, presented "Misconceptions
About Language and How
They Damage Our Society"

Sept 23 Luncheon Meeting
Taylor B. Stockdale

Taylor B. Stockdale
Webb Head of Schools Taylor B. Stockdale
presented "Webb's Ever Unfolding Story
- From Thompson & Vivian Webb's
arrival in 1922 to Today"

Sept 16 Luncheon Meeting
Joshua Bobko, MD

Joshua Bobko, MD
Joshua Bobko, MD presented
"Changing the Paradigm:
First Care Providers"

July 29 Luncheon Meeting
Connie & Victor Zamora

Connie & Victor Zamora
Mr. and Mrs. Zamora presented
“East to West – Philippinos’
Dreams of Coming to America.”
Victor is a professor of computer
science at Mt. SAC.

July 22 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Robert Brodsky

Dr. Brodsky
Dr. Brodsky, a space pioneer with a
46-year career in spacecraft design and
teaching astronautics spoke on
“Great Events in the Aerospace Industry
in the 20th Century”

July 15 Luncheon Meeting
Celeste Palmer

Celeste Palmer
Celeste Palmer talked about writing
her story for her new book,
"Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering
from Traumatic Brain Injuries."

July 1 Luncheon Meeting
Thomas Reyes

Thomas Reyes
Thomas Reyes presented "The
Pyramid of Success," created
by the legendary UCLA basketball
coach John Wooden

June 24 Luncheon Meeting
Gene Smith

Gene Smith
Gene Smith, retired history teacher,
El Roble Intermediate School
presented The Europe To Which
You Paid Little Attention”

June 17 Luncheon Meeting
Michael Fay

Michael Fay
Michael Fay, retired investment
professional, presented "What happens
to inherited money? Caveat Emptor Loci"

June 10 Luncheon Meeting
Ronald Evans

Rev. Dr. Ronald Evans
The Rev. Dr. Ronald T. Evans, retired
theological scholar, presented a
selection of short stories: "Not Long Ago . . ."

June 3 Luncheon Meeting
Ann Stromberg

Ann Stromberg
Ann Stromberg, Professor Emerita of
Sociology, Pitzer College presented
"Into Thiin Air: Partnering with
Communities in The Peruvian Altiplano"

May 27 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan

Dr. Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan
Dr. Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan, President
of Claremont School of Theology
presented "Interreligious Theological
Education for a Multi-Faith World."

May 20 Luncheon Meeting
Gary Lyzenga

Gary Lyzenga
Professor Gary Lyzenga of
Harvey Mudd College presented
"Forecasting Quakes, Facts,
Myths, and Possibilities"

May 20 Luncheon Meeting
Sharon Musa

Sharon Musa
Claremont High Junior Sharon Musa
presented her winning UNA essay,
"Productive and Reproductive Rights”   
Download Essay

May 13 Luncheon Meeting
Ray Bragg

Ray Bragg
Ray Bragg, consultant for public
agencies, presented "A New City
Emerges Out of the Desert"

May 6 Luncheon Meeting
Heather Williams

Heather Williams
Heather Williams, Assoc. Professor of
Politics at Pomona College presented
"Tough Choices for California's
Water Future"

April 29 Luncheon Meeting
Deborah Burke

Debbie Burke
Deborah Burke, Professor at Pomona
College presented "Want to Remember
What's Her Name? Strategies to
Enhance Successful Cognitive Aging"

April 22 Luncheon Meeting
Nancy Treser-Osgood & Hilary LaConte

Nancy Osgood and Hilary LaConte
Hilary LaConte and Nancy Treser-Osgood,
School Board Members, CUSD present
"Opportunities & Challenges
at Claremont Schools"

April 15 Luncheon Meeting
Bevin Handel & Joe Lyons

Bevin Handel and Joe Lyons
Bevin Handel, Public Information Officer,
and Joe Lyons, Mayor, presented
"Claremont – State of the City."

April 8 Luncheon Meeting
Andy Winnick

Andy Winnick
Andy Winnick, Professor of Economics,
Cal State Los Angeles presented
“The Jobless Economic Recovery
of 2009-2013”

April 1 Luncheon Meeting
Bob Wolf

Bob Wolf
Bob Wolf, Professor Emeritus,
Harvey Mudd College presents
"Global Climate Change and Fourth
Generation Nuclear Power"

March 25 Luncheon Meeting
Paul Zak

Paul Zak
Claremont Graduate University Professor
of Economics, Management and
Psychology  Paul Zak presents
"Why Aren't We Always Happy?"

March 25 Luncheon Meeting
New Club President

Bill Waggoner and Celeste Palmer
New Club President Bill Waggener
accepts gong from outgoing
President Celeste Palmer

March 18 Luncheon Meeting
Beverly Wilson Palmer

Beveral Wilson Palmer
Beverly Wilson Palmer, History Research
Associate at Pomona College presented
'Ending Slavery Off the Battlefield:
The Works of Lucretia Mott,
Thaddeus  Stevens and Charles Sumner'

March 11 Luncheon Meeting
Thomas Pinney

Thomas Pinney
Pomona College Emeritus Professor
Thomas Pinney spoke to members
and guests about
Rudyard Kipling in America

March 4 Luncheon Meeting
Maria Zornes Baker and Hal Baker

Maria and Hal Baker
Maria Zornes Baker (daughter of
Milford Zornes) & Hal Baker
present "Artist Milford Zornes"

February 25 Luncheon Meeting
Bruce Phillips

Bruce Phillips
Bruce Phillips, vice president of Angeles del
Pueblo, a volunteer group that leads tours
of the Old Pueblo, including Olvera Street,
in Los Angeles, presented
“History of Early Los Angeles."

February 18 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. David Lull

Dr. David Lull
Dr. David Lull, director of the Process and
Faith program of the Center for Process
Studies at the Claremont School of Theology
presented "Prospect for Resolution of the
Palestinian and Israeli Conflict - the Role
of US National Interest and Guilt Complex"

February 11 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Thomas Gioni

Dr. Thomas Gioni
Dr. Thomas Gioni, Surgeon-in-Chief of
the Irvine Stem Cell Treatment Center,
its medical director and head of
stem cell research presented "Update on
the Revolution in Stem Cell Treatment"

February 4 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Shawki E. El-Zatmah

Dr. Shawki E. El-Zatmah
Dr. El-Zatmah, specialist in Middle Eastern
civilization, history and politics presented
"The Future of Political Islam:
the Case of Egypt"

January 28 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. James Enstrom

David Sonner
Dr. James Enstrom, Research
Professor UCLA, presented
"How Environmental Extremism
is Hurting California"

January 21 Luncheon Meeting
David Sonner

David Sonner
David Sonner presented
"The Electoral College"

January 14 Luncheon Meeting
Fatima Sadiqi

Fatima Sadiqi
Dr. Fatima Sadiqi, Fulbright Scholar
in Residence at Cal Poly Pomona
presents "Arab Spring – Regime
Change and Women's Participation
in Decision-Making

January 7 Luncheon Meeting
Howard Lum

Howard Lum
Howard Lum, P.E., S.E., Facilities Design
Team Manager, Metropolitan Water
District presents "Hoover Dam Reinvented"


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