2012 Programs

Dec 18 Luncheon Meeting
Adeline Keehan

Adeline Keehan
Adeline Keehan presented
“Demystifying the Clown
in Western Culture”

Dec 4 Luncheon Meeting
Bill Waggener

Bill Waggener
Bill Waggener delivered
new member talk at U Club

Dec 4 Luncheon Meeting
Bill Forte

Bill Forte
Bill Forte presented
"Anatomy of a Chinese Knock-Off"

Dec 11 Luncheon Meeting
Claremont High School Chamber Singers

Chamber Singers
Joel Wilson directed this talented group. The festive program included carols, folk songs and seasonal music.

Nov 27 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. James Sanders

Dr. James Sanders
Dr. James Sanders presented
"The Impact of the Dead Sea
Scrolls on Biblical Study"

Nov 20 Luncheon Meeting
Bill Forti

Bill Forti
Bill Forti spoke on
"Tension in Asia"

Nov 13 Luncheon Meeting
David H. Tang, MD

Dr. David Tang
Dr. David Tang presented
'Longevity and Telomeres,
Adding Time to Your Cell Timer”

Nov 6 Luncheon Meeting
Bill Fletcher

Bill Fletcher
Bill Fletcher speaks on
"California Budget Crisis,
A Four State Comparison"

Oct 29 88th Anniversity
Reception & Dinner

Anniversary Dinner
Honoring our Past Presidents

Click here for Slidehow of
photos from the Event

Oct 23 Luncheon Meeting
Scott LaFleur

Scott LaFleur
Scott LaFleur, Director of Horticulture,
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden,
spoke on "Unleashing Natives
from Natural Landscapes"

Oct 16 Luncheon Meeting
Steve Windhager, Phd

Steve Windhager
Steve Windhager, Exec Dir of the
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
presented "The Sustainable Sites Initiative:
The Need and Promise of Landscape Sustainability"

Oct 9 Luncheon Meeting
Peter Shalski

Peter Shalski
Peter Shalski, CFO of SEAmaine
Hydrospace Corp, described the
submersibles made in Claremont.

Oct 2 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Erin Tripp

Erin Tripp
Erin Tripp, Ph.D. of Rancho Santa Ana
Botanic Gardens presented
"Progress in Lichenology in
Great Smoky Mountains National Park"

Sept 25 Luncheon Meeting
Ken Corhan

Ken Corhan
Ken Corhan, VP and General
Counsel of Lewis Operating Corp.
presented his personal experiences
preparing for and running a
marathon on each continent.

Sept 4 Luncheon Meeting
Bob Walton

Bop Walton
Bob Walton, CEO, Claremont
University Consortium spoke
on Higher Education
Multi-Institution Collaboration
- A Growing Trend.

July 31 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Jim Laughrun

Jim Laughrun
Dr. Laughrun spoke on "Freud:
The Man and the Myth"
explaining the reality of Freud
and the importance of his work.

July 17 Luncheon Meeting
Karen Butler & Helgard Niewisch

Butler and Niewisch
Karen Butler & Helgard Niewisch
spoke on "over 50" volunteers
for the Peace Corps.

July 10 Luncheon Meeting
Peter Small

Peter Small
Peter Small portrayed Harry Truman
in "The Buck Stops here"

July 3 Luncheon Meeting
Michael Fay

Michael Fay
Michael Fay spoke on "American
Exceptionalism and the Fourth of July"

June 26 Luncheon Meeting
Scholarship Presentation

Scholarship Presentation
Doug MacKenzie announced
the two scholarship recipients for 2012
Josephine Chen (pictured) and Steven Schein.

June 26 Luncheon Meeting
Heidi Sanborn

Heidi Sanborn
Heidi Sanborn, Executive Director
of the California Product Stewardship
Council, spoke on waste reduction:
"It's Time for Producer Responsibility"

June 12 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Bill Scroggins

Scott Slater
Dr. Scroggins, President of MSAC,
spoke about Mt. SAC, education,
jobs, and the economy.

June 5 Luncheon Meeting
Scott S. Slater

Scott Slater
Scott S. Slater presented
"Cadiz - A water project for our future"

May 29 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Hany Farran

Dr. Hany Farran
Dr. Hany Farran
spoke on "Civil Engineering:
Past, Present & Future" 

May 22 Luncheon Meeting
Anne Veazie Sonner

Anne Veazie Sonner
Anne Veazie Sonner
spoke about
"Genealogy: Discoveries & Mysteries" 

May 15 Luncheon Meeting
Monique Saigal

Monique Saigal presented
"Child Holocaust Survivor Honors
Women of the French Resistance"

May 8 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Adnan Aswad

Dr. Adnan Aswad
Dr. Adnan Aswad presented,
 “Storms in the Arab Spring:
Syria and Beyond"

May 1 Luncheon Meeting
Deborah Keasler, RN, MS

Mike Waugh
Ms. Keasler, the Director of the Stead
Heart and Vascular Center at Pomona
Valley Hospital, described the advances
in the care of stroke, and FAST
identification of stroke symptoms.

April 24 Luncheon Meeting
Mike Waugh

Mike Waugh
Mike Waugh, Chief of the Transportation
Fuels Branch, California Air
Resources Board (ARB) described
Vehicle and Fuels Regulation

April 17 Luncheon Meeting
Stephanie Campbell

Stephanie Campbell
Stephanie Campbell, Executive Director
of Bright Prospect, described helping 1200
low-income students achieve their college
dreams with support from U Club members

April 10 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Tracey McNamara

Dr. Tracey McNamara
Dr. Tracey McNamara shared "The Real
Life Detective Story of the West Nile Virus"

April 3 Luncheon Meeting
Lee & Bill Waggener

Lee & Bill Waggener
Lee & Bill Waggener presented their stories
and pictures from Kenya and Tanzania.

March 27 Luncheon Meeting
Sam Pedroza

Sam Pedroza
Former Mayor Sam Pedroza
speaks on
"Current Issues in the City of Claremont"

March 20 Luncheon Meeting
Sherry Glab

Sherry Glab
Sherry Glab presenting
"Say Aye, Say Nay, but Say Something"

March 13 Luncheon Meeting
Deepak Ubharyakar

Deepak Ubharyakar
Deepak Ubharyakar shared
"Why I am Proud to be an American"

March 6th Luncheon Meeting
Nancy Macko

Scripps Professor Nancy Macko
presented “Hopes & Dreams”

Feb 28th Luncheon Meeting
Suzanne Christian

Suzanne Christian
Luncheon Speaker Suzanne Christian
brought members up to date
on Social Security benefits and timing.

Feb 21 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Andy Farke

Dr. Farke
Dr. Andy Farke describes the
Alf Museum at the Webb Schools

Feb 14th Luncheon Meeting
Prochnow & Ralmer

Prochnow and Ralmer
Valentine Song performers:
Coril Prochnow and Mark Ralmer.

Feb 7th Luncheon Meeting
Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson
Erik Peterson presents
"The Claremont Greenspace
Super Adobe Project"

Jan 31 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Jacek Kugler

Dr. Jacek Kugler
Visiting Professor Dr. Jacek Kugler
at CGU and Dr. Ashraf Singer present
"Egypt and the Arab Spring"

Jan 24 Luncheon Meeting
Catherine Reheis-Boyd

Catherine Reheis-Boyd
Western States Petroleum President
Catherine Reheis-Boyd presents
the case for "Petroleum and Our Future"

Jan 17 Luncheon Meeting
Matt Barrett

Matt Barrett
Matt Barrett presented
L.A. Transit Past, Present, &
Future to the University CLub.

Jan 10 Luncheon Meeting
Lako Tongun

Lako Tongun
Pitzer Professor Lako Tongun shares
the birth of the Republic of
South Sudan in 2011.


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