2011 Programs

Dec 6 Luncheon Meeting
Joel Wilson & the Claremont High Choir

Bill Forti
Director Joel Wilson and the Claremont High Choir performed for members and guests. Video – from YouTube

Nov 29 Luncheon Meeting
Bill Forti

Bill Forti
Bill Forti shares his
tramp through Italy.

Nov 22 Luncheon Meeting
German Consul Gen Wolfgang Drautz

Wolfgang Drautz
German Consul Gen. Wolfgang Drautz
led a wide-ranging discussion
of the Euro Zone. 

Nov 15 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. John Chalberg

Dr. John Chalberg
Dr. John C. Chalberg took
on the persona of G.K. Chesterton.

Nov 8 Luncheon Meeting
James Gaylord

James Gaylord
FBI Agent James Gaylord reported on
Chinese espionage in the United States.

Nov 1 Luncheon Meeting
Rizek Abusharr

Rizek Abusharr
Member Rizek Abusharr
gives a moving update
regarding Palestine and Israel.

Oct 25 Luncheon Meeting
Lillian Vasquez

Lillian Vasquez
Lillian Vasquez of KVCR Autism
Initiative gave an excellent presentation
of her family's life with their autistic child.
Web Resources: 1 - 2


Oct 18 Luncheon Meeting
Bart O'Brien

Bart O'Brien
Bart O'Brien, of Rancho Santa
Ana Botanic Gardens, gives program
on California Native and
drought-tolerant lawns.
Web Link

Oct 10 University Club Anniversary Celebration Reception & Dinner

Bart O'Brien
The program included the 25-year
history of the world famous Candlelight
Pavilion Dinner Theater presented by
the Bollinger Family. Featured musicians:
Guitarists Michael Ryan and Ken
Soderlund and dinner music
by the Citrus College Music Department.
Photo Gallery

Oct 4 Luncheon Meeting
Candace Dickens-Russell

Candice Dickens-Russell
TreePeople's Candice Dickens-Russell
describes the California Education
and Environmental Initiative (EEI)

Sept 27 Luncheon Meeting
Alan Wapner

Alan Wapner
Ontario City Councilman Alan D. Wapner
gives his take on the status of
Ontario International Airport

Sept 20 Luncheon Meeting
Jeanne Raya and Peter Yao

Redistricting Commissioners Jeanne Raya
of San Gabriel and Peter Yao of Claremont
shared how the new districts were drawn.
Link to final districts

Sept 13 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Bill Patzert

Dr. Bill Patzert
Bill Patzert of JPL –
who presented a strong case
that global warming is real.

Sept 6 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Ann M. Johannsen

Dr. Johannsen
Presented her account of her
Christian Medical Mission
trip to the Phillipines

July 26 Luncheon Meeting
Peter Small

Peter Small
Thomas Jefferson, in the person
of Peter Small, talked about his
life as a scientist, farmer, inventor,
architect and the author of the
Declaration of Independence. 

July 19 Luncheon Meeting
Bob Mungia

Bob Mungia and client
Bob Mungia, CEO, Centers for
Success, speaking on the topic of
neurofeedback, and a client
demonstrating the
neurofeedback system. 

July 12 Luncheon Meeting
Captain Rafael Ortiz

Capt. Rafael Ortiz
Captain Rafael Ortiz of the LA County
Fire Department speaking on
Disaster Preparedness and the Role
of the L.A. County Fire Dept.
in Homeland Security.

July 5 Luncheon Meeting
Beth Bingham

Beth Bingham
"An Update from Claremont Unified
School District" by Beth Bingham, President,
Claremont Unified School Board.

July 5 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Gloria Johnston

Dr. Gloria Johnston
"An Update from Claremont Unified
School District" by Gloria Johnston, Ph.D.,
Interim Superintendent, Claremont
Unified School District.

June 28 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Raymond Maeda

Dr. Rayond Maeda
"Aging Eyes" by Dr. Raymond Maeda,
Chief of Primary Care at the
College of Optometry at Western University

June 21 Luncheon Meeting
Richard Hansen

Richard Hansen
“Three Valleys Municipal Water
District as Supplier for Future Water
in Southern California” by Richard Hansen

June 14 Luncheon Meeting
David Kary

David Kary
“The New Worlds – Recent
Discoveries Beyond Our Solar
System” by David Kary

June 7 Luncheon Meeting
Bill Waggener

Bill Waggener
Bill Waggener gave an
excellent picture, video, and narrative
regarding Antarctica.

May 31 Luncheon Meeting
Nangy Ghafarshad

Nangy Ghafarshad
Mr. Nangy Ghafarshad,
owner of Walter's, gave us insights
into prospects in Afghanistan.

May 24 Luncheon Meeting
June Stephens

June Stephens
June Stephens, Director of Development
at Citrus College tells us of progress
at the Community College.

May 17 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Zach Dodds

Zach Dodds
Dr. Zach Dodds, Associate Professor
at Harvey Mudd College discussed the
rapidly emerging world of robots
in our daily lives.

May 10 Luncheon Meeting
Bob Smith

Bob Smith
Member Bob Smith presented his latest
book, 'Redefining the Inland Valley'

May 3 Luncheon Meeting
Susan Higley

Susan Higley
Clara Barton described her
history and the founding
of the American Red Cross.

April 26 Luncheon Meeting
Donald Gould

Donald Gould
Donald Gould, Chief Investment Officer
Gould Asset Mgmt, helped us understand
Michael Lewis' book, 'The Big Short' - when
the growth of subprime lending and related
investment instruments brought the US
and world to the edge of economic meltdown.

April 19 Luncheon Meeting
Laura Trombley

Laura Trombley
"Mark Twain's Other Woman:
The Hidden Story of His Final Year"
Speaker – Pitzer President Laura Trombley

April 12 Luncheon Meeting
Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker
Claremont City Manager Jeff Parker
describes financial options going forward
and takes our questions.

April 5 Luncheon Meeting
Change of Command

Forti and Parker
Outgoing University Club president Bill Forti
hands off the ceremonial gong to
new president Art Parker. 

April 5 Luncheon Meeting
Kathy Pezdek

Kathy Pezdek
CGU Professor Kathy Pezdek
discusses how eyewitnesses
may not be reliable. 

March 29 Luncheon Meeting
David Allen

David Allen
Inland Valley Bulletin Columnist David Allen
shares inside stories.

March 22 Luncheon Meeting
Larry Scheetz

Larry Scheetz
Larry Scheetz describes the bicycle-friendly
changes and the coming
AMGEN Tour of California in Claremont 

March 15 Luncheon Meeting
Phil Nudson

Phil Nudson as Abe Lincoln
Phil Nudson reprises his role as
Abe Lincoln, focusing on his role
as a wartime leader
and the battle of Gettysburg.

March 1 Luncheon Meeting
Hillary LaConte and Bonnie Bell

Hillary LaConte and Bonnie Bell
Hilary LaConte and Bonnie Bell
share efforts to improve Claremont schools
during the budget crunch.

March 1 Luncheon Meeting
Gloria Johnston

Gloria Johnson
Claremont Interim School
Superintendant Gloria Johnston joined us.

Feb 22 Luncheon Meeting
Barry Ardelan

Barry Ardelan
Barry Ardelan tells of his life in Iran and starting
over in America, eventually heading a
medical records software company.

Feb15 Luncheon Meeting
Jessica Soza

Jessica Soza
Members and significant others enjoyed
loves songs for Valentine's Day performed
by Soprano Jessica Soza. Jessica will
perform in the University of
Redlands Opera Workshop April 1st and 3rd.

Feb 8th Luncheon Meeting
Andrew Farke

Dr. Farke
Dr. Farke, Currator of Paleontology
at the Alf Museum at the Webb Schools,
shared some of the rapidly-growing
scientific knowledge about horned dinosaurs.

Feb 1st Luncheon Meeting
Michael Witmer

Michael Witmer
Mr. Witmer, of Saint Ambrose Church,
described his years of religious and
diplomatic efforts to encourage peace through
conversations between Christians and Muslims.

Jan 18 Luncheon Meeting
Jerry D. Campbell

Jerry Campbell
Seminary President Jerry D. Campbell
spoke on, 'The Claremont School of
Theology and the University Project.'

Details on University Project

Jan 25 Luncheon Meeting
Dr. Michael Woo

Dr. Michael Woo
Cal Poly Dean Michael Woo discussed
the economic future of the Inland Empire.

Jan11 Luncheon Meeting
Andrew Winnick

Ruth Dare Award
Professor Andy Winnick presents
'Prospects for Peace in the Middle East.'

Jan 11 Luncheon Meeting
Ruth Dare

Ruth Dare Award
Bob Smith and President Bill Forti present
Ruth Dare with a Certificate of Appreciation
for her many years of playing with
the Little Big Band for the University Club.


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